Drinking a cold beer could be one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your summer evening. Richmond has a place where the freshest and tastiest brews are served directly from beer barrels available for Bitcoin.

“Try a drink that intrigues you and sit on our deck overlooking the Richmond city skyline (sorta), or take a seat at the bar and ogle the shiny equipment that houses our sweet nectar.”     

Triple Crossing Brewing Company  is a startup brewery opened this year by three friends Jeremy Wirtes, Scott Jones and Adam Worcester. And the name of the company "Triple Crossing" is a reference to their friendship. Triple Crossing Brewing Company has the craft brewery and tasting room is located “in heart of Richmond, VA,” according to the official website.

 It is a 7bbl, 3,000 sq ft tasting room featuring a rotating selection of carefully crafted beers in their own yeast laboratory and elaborate filtering system. This brewery might become a center for people who understand the taste of beer. “We really just like the idea that Richmond is becoming this beer mecca,” said Adam Worcester in the interview.

We were able to contact one of the founders of Triple Crossing Brewing Scott Jones and asked him a few questions about beer craft and Bitcoin adoption into business.

Cointelegraph: Could you tell us about the decision to open a brewery?

Scott Jones: Yes, myself and the other two co-owners Adam Worcester and Jeremy Wirtes all have a passion for craft beer and entrepreneurship. The whole idea grew from our interest in brewing beer styles not normally brewed in Richmond, VA such as big West-Coast style IPA's. We saw an opportunity after local legislation allowed for brewery tasting rooms to serve pints and growlers on premise.

CT:  I guess a person has to have an artistic talent to choose a proper recipe. Am I right?

SJ: Artistic talent is a must and our co-owner/head brewer Jeremy absolutely embodies these qualities in his recipes and beers.

CT: Why have you decided to add Bitcoin payments and do you have a lot of customers who use it?

SJ: We decided to use Bitcoin to differentiate ourselves from other breweries and also give our consumers another alternative for payment. We average around 5 customers a week who use Bitcoin. I have a technical background and Bitcoin/Crypto-currencies always perked my attention and when we opened the brewery it just made sense to accept Bitcoin.

We have a lot of customers who are beyond excited when they find out that they can transfer Bitcoins into craft beer goodness. For our payment processing, we also use BitPay to handle the transaction. It has worked very flawlessly and we control the whole transaction on one of our iPads used as a POS.

CT: Was it difficult to integrate and understand this new payment method? And was it a problem for your stuff to learn about digital currency?

SJ: Our staff actually learned about the digital currency very easily. It took maybe 2 discussions on what Bitcoin is, why we are accepting it and how to handle a transaction. I would venture to say that we are not experts but BitPay has helped bridge the gap. They (BitPay) have made it so easy that it takes only a few button presses on an iPad and the transaction is complete.

CT: What are your plans for future development at Triple Crossing Brewing?

SJ: We will continually push the envelope technically to provide the best beer and tasting room experience possible. Another technical note, we also developed our own Digital Beer Board which hangs from a 50" TV in our tasting room. This has helped educate our patrons and provide more information than otherwise would be possible. We also value the input of our customers and we really hope that shapes some of our decisions in the future.

CT: In your opinion, could Bitcoin become a currency people would use more often to buy beer in future?

SJ: I believe that Bitcoin could become a viable currency people could use to buy beer and just about any consumer product. The barrier to entry for a business to accept Bitcoin is next to nothing and the transaction cost is a fraction of what you would see in the Debit/Credit card world.

- The Tripple Crossing Team

Follow the Triple Crossing Brewing Facebook page to keep up with their latest developments.

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