Ever since a Tesla Model S was bought with Bitcoins, automotive and motorsport companies have been keeping their eye on digital currency as a new payment method and a great way of promoting their businesses. Now Bitcoin could be used to purchase a car or even luxury yacht. Moreover, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency even became a sponsor for a NASCAR driver. And today we are happy to inform you that motorsports enthusiasts can now buy performance bikes with Bitcoin.

Wolfreign Motors is a small paradise for motorsport fans which is now accepting Bitcoin in United States. It has been in operation for two years now, and was founded by two young motorsports enthusiasts Alexander Tarradelles-Newell and Aaron Wong.

Based on the knowledge and expertise of performance imports, classics, and motorcycles, Wolfreign Motors chooses a unique array of performance oriented vehicles for sale in their showroom where they aim to provide the customers with quality service and now a convenient method of payment.

Their idea to start accepting digital currency at Wolfreign Motors has an interesting back-story as Alexander Tarradelles-Newell explains in an interview with Cointelegraph:

“We first learned about Bitcoin from a client of ours that was very good with computers. He bought his first motorcycle from us and was so pleased with the transaction that he decided to gift us half a Bitcoin (back when a Bitcoin was worth approximately $100USD). He taught us about Bitcoin, and even helped us market ourselves as recipients of the coin. We believe in Bitcoin and digital currency because it has the potential to enrich our lives, and to make international exchange more user-friendly.”

Wolfreign Motors is a small independent dealer of high performance vehicles based out of Oakland, California but their plans are nothing less of ambitious:

“Our big plan for the future is to import and export sought after performance machines all throughout the world, and to utilize Bitcoin as a means of enabling painless international transactions.”

Wolfreign Motors offers other services too. People who wish to sell their vehicles can do so in a secure indoor showroom. Moreover, if you're having trouble finding the perfect car or motorcycle, specialists here may find it for you and offer brokering services:

“We inspect the vehicles beforehand, and prepare them for delivery at no additional cost. We charge a basic 7% brokering fee.”

Thus, even if you are located in another country but have your heart set on an American machine, Wolfreign Motors can do all of the homework for you. Wolfreign Motors is striving to constantly improve their showroom, stock and services and perhaps digital currency could prove to be the right tool for the job.

If you are interested in learning more about Wolfreign Motors, visit their website here.