Bitcoin to Ripple gateway service has announced it is cutting service for its US customers from September.

The company confirmed the news in an email sent out Thursday:

“If you are a US person:

  • Starting Sept 1, 2015, you will not be able to make BTC deposits to your Ripple Trade account or make BTC withdrawals from your Ripple Trade account
  • Before September 1, 2015, please either withdraw your BTC or convert it into any other currency on the Ripple Network.”

The bulletin added that activity solely within the Ripple network, along with service usage by non-US citizens, would be unaffected by the changes.

While no official explanation for the decision has yet been given, it is notable that Ripple has been engaged in legislative maneuvers over the past year, some of which have run contrary to the perspectives and goals held by the Bitcoin community.

Specifically, the centralized nature of Ripple as a business has led to criticism from parties such as Erik Voorhees, who in April voiced concerns about its decision to require verified ID from anyone wishing to use the Ripple network.

“Thank goodness Bitcoin exists,” he added.

CEO Chris Larson had previously stated that “[Ripple] actually don't think the world needs a new currency” and that there were already “plenty of currencies.”

Ripple, email