If you want to introduce your currency to the world of finance, the Isle of Man’s financial center is an excellent place to begin. The fact that the Isle is essentially separate from the UK concerning financial issues makes it the perfect venue for the Crypto Valley Summit. The event is being fully supported by the Isle of Man government, lead sponsor KPMG, and representatives of the private sector.

- Douglas, the Isle of Man

The latter group is particularly important because the focus of the Summit is going to be attracting the interest of both entrepreneurs and larger corporations while promoting the acceptance of virtual currencies. Scheduled to run from September 17-18 2014, the event is slated to begin right after the Inside Bitcoins event in London just a few days earlier.

But this year’s event was organized by the Private Sector Committee, which means that promotion will be the order of the day. The speakers confirmed for this event include Paul Davis, MD, Counting House, and Steve Beauregard, CEO, GoCoin, Max Keiser, Journalist, RT, Bobby Lee of BTC China and more.

The venue for the summit should also come as no surprise. The Isle of Man has been one of the most Bitcoin-friendly places when it comes to supporting cryptocurrencies. One of the event's organizers, Eric Benz, commented on the significance of holding a cryptocurrency conference on the Island:

"The Isle of Man is 'Digital Currency friendly.' There is strong government support for quality companies moving here and the Crypto Valley Summit will be the first of many specialized events to take place. The Island has quickly become a leading player in the competition for the development and investment of Crypto Businesses whilst providing an environment for them to operate and showcase their technology to the world."

Moreover, just this week 40 industry leaders formed the Manx Digital Currency Association (MDCA) during a meeting chaired by Paul Davis. Davis said about the MDCA:

“The formation of the MDCA represents the first step in creating an open and collaborative resource which brings the island’s most forward thinking and enterprising individuals together to both initiate and support those new to the market, and guarantee the island’s future in this very lucrative field.”

There is little doubt about the little island’s dreams of becoming a center for digital finance in the 21st Century and beyond. They were also the first to register cryptocurrency related business and bring them under official regulatory control to help build an ethically regulated digital business environment.

Davis said that he plans to use the momentum gained by the formation of the MDCA and the government offer to create a special regulatory body for virtual currencies to promote the idea that the island is a special home for these businesses.

The summits lead sponsor, KPMG, stands fully behind virtual currencies. Their director, Russell Kelly, had the following to say about this event:

”KPMG is proud to be lead sponsor of the event, following on from our recent roundtable on cryptocurrency, reflecting our ongoing work within this sector. The cryptocurrency sector is moving very quickly and we feel it is important to stay at its forefront. This is a huge opportunity for the Isle of Man and I would like to congratulate the event’s organizers for making it happen.”

The event staff will be accepting reservations soon at the Crypto Valley Summit website. Reservations for start-up owners, business managers for digital companies and anyone else who wants to get the latest scoop on virtual currency policy making are free but individuals will have to pay an admission fee of £995.

To view the official confirmed speakers list, go here.

You can confirm your attendance and purchase tickets here.

You can also track developments on Twitter.


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