Bitcoin made an unplanned appearance at the most recent DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) International Tournament, as an audience member held up a ‘Buy Bitcoin’ sign during announcements of the televised event.

Bitcoin has been frequently popping up in unlikely locations.

The current stunt, intended to increase awareness of Bitcoin, is not the first of its kind, after an audience member at Janet Yellen’s congressional briefing did the same.

Both events indicate a growing awareness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally. The awareness may be part of the reason for the substantial price increases over recent months, with Bitcoin cresting $3700 today.

The Yellen sign holder created a veritable frenzy on social media, with many people contributing to his Bitcoin wallet.

Even Cointelegraph got into the game, starting a contest for Bitcoin awareness, and offering to have winners’ pictures drawn by the CT artists.

DOTA is not ignorant of Bitcoin. Players of the online multiplayer are able to challenge each other using the cryptocurrency, and the game platform itself accepts Bitcoin for services. Further, players are able to sell their DOTA equipment to one another via Bitcoin as well.

While followers of the game may already be aware of Bitcoin, others watching the show may not be. Each successive public appearance of Bitcoin only further proves Bitcoin’s staying power.