Those unfamiliar with blockchain may be quick to assume that its uses are focused on financial services. However, this is only a single application of how the technology can help accelerate traditional business practices. Among other examples are the safe storage and transfer of records in the medical industry, providing transparency to records in the food supply chain and accelerated processing in the insurance industry, to name a few.

These uses are possible due to the blockchain being set up as a distributed ledger that is connected by many nodes. Since each node stores a copy of this ledger, the blockchain can guarantee the authenticity of any information sent. It also provides benefits such as a reduction in costs due to the elimination of a middleman that would previously be used for verification purposes. 

While there are a lot of uses, businesses lack an understanding of how the technology can be applied within their own processes. Since blockchain is still an emerging technology, many do not understand some of the technicalities behind its usage, how it can be applied for maximum benefit, or where they can find the skills to bring the concept to life.

Recognizing the lack of know-how as a barrier to entry, blueskyINTEL (BSI) has made it their mission to help businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry, understand what this technology can mean for them. The team has directly addressed concerns around the technology gap between businesses and the blockchain to do so, and, as a result, is now announcing the launch of their web-based engagement platform. blueskyINTEL will operate as a guide for businesses on the basics behind the technology, the value behind adopting it and how it may fit into a team’s future operational plans.

blueskyINTEL is just one business diversification initiative from the larger Bluesky Digital Assets Corporation (BSDA), a company that has maintained a long-term goal to leverage its success as a crypto mining organization as a foundation for additional growth. BSDA is currently available for public trade in Canada under the BTC: CSE ticker and under BTCWF in the U.S.,  and is known primarily for its success in digital mining and numerous facilities that still operate to this day.

For everything blockchain

The pre-launch website is available to businesses as step one in the company's more extensive plans to introduce everything blockchain, an endeavor possible as the team invites a growing community to participate.

In the words of the CEO, Ben Gelfand states,

“The BSI website will bring together blockchain solutions providers, experts, and influencers in an effort to provide value and solutions to businesses wishing to adopt a blockchain roadmap for their operations. This is an example of our commitment to be more than just a successful crypto mining company and support the ongoing diversification of our business.”

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The proposed step-by-step process starts with a business learning the basics of the blockchain, including a more in-depth consideration of how it works. From there, businesses can progress to solution exploration, which will act as a foundation for developing an industry-specific adoption strategy. This strategy can then be supplemented with several real-world use cases, compared against a list of solution providers, all with the end goal to help business owners adopt a next-generation technology for their own use.

Additional partnerships make for a full-fledged solution

As the community continues to come together, the team has shared the date of the full production release, complete with enhanced functionality to be made available in the next two quarters. 

The project's success relies on a diverse network. Therefore, blueskyINTEL is looking for additional partnerships with some of the biggest blockchain resources in the industry, building on the wealth of knowledge as a sound basis for teams to start their journey.

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