Every week, Cointelegraph will do a roundup of all the businesses and the altcoins we have added during the week to our catalogs.

New Businesses

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is one of the best Bitcoin sports books online.

“NitrogenSports.eu acts as a standard sports book, but also adds a variety of contests, both free and paid, that change along with the sport seasons. A portion of the site's profits are put into a Jackpot fund that is awarded to Parlay winners with the highest payout.”

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader offers arbitrage trading via a mining pool and a trading pool.

“In the trading pool, a team of London-based traders use investors’ money to trade currency pairs in operations that are intentionally opaque: What they are doing is part of the company’s secret sauce. Contract lengths run for 120 days.


“A customer’s other option is to buy shares in Bitcoin Trader’s mining pool, which start at US$100. This allows users to lease a set amount of hashing power per share over a 12-month period.”

Other new additions to our Businesses Catalog

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