We have already reported on a number of organizations that will get you airborne and take you around the world for Bitcoin.

Add CheapAir.com to the list of businesses who will sell you a plane ticket for Bitcoins. And CheapAir.com has a trump card: They will also let you book a hotel room in Bitcoin.

The company recently announced it would process Bitcoin payments for any customers who book rooms in one of the 200,000-plus hotels worldwide. That means you can book a whole vacation in Bitcoin through CheapAir.com.

“We’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the response,” the company’s CEO, Jeff Klee, told USA Today. “We’re making a lot more Bitcoin sales than we expected to make.”

CheapAir.com is using Coinbase to process payments and exchanges those for dollars as soon as the transaction goes through. That said, Klee said the company would be holding on to some of those Bitcoins once suppliers start accepting the currency.

That seems like a good bet. Jerry Brito, a Bitcoin researcher at George Mason University, predicted a much wider adoption among mainstream businesses in the coming months and years.

“We’re going to see an ever-growing number of merchants begin to accept Bitcoin,” Brito said. “Bitcoin is a network [...], Facebook is a network. Why do you join Facebook? Because everyone else is on Facebook. The more people will own and spend the Bitcoin, the more merchants will accept them, and more people will use them.”