Despite often producing results higher than the traditional market, trading cryptocurrency is not all butterflies and rainbows. Higher rewards are the direct result of a more complicated market, one lacking in the fundamentals. To compare, consider the process of purchasing a stock. Before engaging in a trade, investors have access to quarterly earnings and sales reports, among other metrics for success.

The cryptocurrency market, in contrast, lacks these same proof points, requiring traders to look at in-depth technical analysis for verification instead. Since the technical analysis process is complex, new investors often find themselves discouraged from entering the market or at a loss when an opportune time to enter the market passes before them. For these reasons, crypto trading bots have become a popular solution for beginner users to execute technical strategies by leveraging a signal generator that makes predictions and determines potentially good trades based on market data and other indicators.

Emerging with the idea to make cryptocurrency trading accessible, TradeSanta has quickly become a leading solution for automated trading. Here, investors are given the ability to choose from MACD, RSI and TradingView signals as the basis for TradeSanta to pinpoint the best trading opportunities on their behalf.

Despite being diverse in functionality, the success of the project is attributed mainly to the hardworking team that has continued to provide new features to users every month while never losing sight of its mission. With 2021 being a busy year, the team shares that 2022 will be even more exciting in feature releases.

Advancing automated trade functionality

Key to the project’s goals for the new year includes the addition of a marketplace with bots and signals, following the trader functionality, integration with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and new centralized exchanges (CEXs), including Kraken, ByBit and FTX.

The marketplace, which will be released shortly, will allow beginner traders to look at profitable strategies from experienced traders through mirror trading. With this strategy, investors can replicate the same trades in near real-time without ever developing a strong understanding of technical indicators and other patterns.

Image: Trade Santa

Image: Trade Santa

Long before a trader finds a bot to copy, they can decide to follow an investor. The intended benefit of this functionality is that new traders will be allowed to browse top-performing bots created with strong market knowledge, helping them to learn how to trade by watching those with experience. The objective is that through the exchange of information, entire communities will be built around these learnings.

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TradeSanta continues to believe in empowering traders with automation on major exchanges, a guiding principle since its inception. For this reason, in addition to Binance, Binance.US, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi and OKEx, integrating additional DEXs and CEXs is another primary goal for this year. Although many in place already, the team shares that additional features will be released over and above the current list.

Adding to the existing stack

With many promises for this year, users can have complete confidence in their release based on TradeSanta’s notable history. Over the last 12 months, the project launched a series of joint efforts, including integration with Coinbase Pro and futures trading on Binance. On the feature side, preset and custom TradingView signals, alongside other various filters, sorting and searching of bot lists, were enabled. These additions enabled many more users to join the existing TradeSanta platform, another accomplishment for the project team.

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