January 16, 2020 — As a company, Cointelegraph cares about the environment and the world in which we all live. The wildfire crisis in Australia has mobilized us as an organization to take action to help the current recovery efforts down under.

Cointelegraph is pleased to announce a partnership with ecological preservation organization Oxygen Seven. We have created a bitcoin donation fund with all money raised going directly to the Australian Wildfire Fund (https://aussieark.org/).

Helen Vitalie Lang, Deputy CEO of Cointelegraph: “After seeing the horrific scenes coming out of Australia and the magnitude of loss and suffering being experienced by the Australian people, Cointelegraph felt compelled to act and do our part to help. We know that the crypto community has the ability to mobilize and change the world. Using the power of cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph has provided a transparent and simple way to donate bitcoin to help those in need. We are proud to be supporting Oxygen Seven and Earth Alliance, whose tireless work on behalf of the environment gives us hope for a better tomorrow.”

Nicholas Rose, Founder/ President: Oxygen Seven: “We at oxygen seven most recently completed an ongoing humanitarian mission to aid in the Amazon basin from August 24th to November 2019. Having experienced firsthand the devastation that wildfires can create, we fully understand what’s going on in Australia right now. We stand with the people of Australia and we will do our best to help restore ecosystems and support the local communities.”

Donations can be made here: https://magazine.cointelegraph.com/australian-wildfire-fund/

Hashtag: #CryptoForAustralia

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About Oxygen7:

Oxygen7 is a non-profit organization created by Nick Rose in Miami, Florida in 2017. We are a non-profit global reforestation initiative. You can help us reforest the planet. Yes, you! Every individual contribution makes an impact.