2015 will be an exciting year for Cointelegraph. Straightaway, we’d like to announce a significant international expansion program which will take our news to all corners of globe.

This is expansion with a difference, however – you can come on board and drive our success yourself.

Cointelegraph set out to be the representative of cryptocurrency community news and opinion, a mission which has resulted in unique connections and social mobility and which places us in a perfect position to diversify our brand.

Having already set up editorial offices on several continents in countries such as Poland, Slovenia, Ghana, Botswana, India, Russia and Finland, we are now ready to cement our ties with international communities by opening fully franchised operations across the globe.

What does this mean for us and for our readers? For Cointelegraph, it means expanding the unique style of crypto news media we have created, gaining a presence in communities wishing to have an international voice for their cryptocurrency news and innovations.

For our readers, it means a unique opportunity: to direct a local franchise in your country, showcasing your news and opinion on an international stage and making these community goals a reality.

The franchises will be more than simply regional versions of Cointelegraph; they will create domestic communities for news and opinion in their respective countries, and provide a unique resource for innovation which would otherwise face all the barriers to gaining traditional international news coverage.

The advantages of taking on this responsibility are many – take a look at the summary below for the main facts.

Cointelegraph unveils international franchise opportunities

In line with our ethos, we aim to give as much control as possible to franchisees. Further benefits are available in addition to those outlined above, including the option to purchase the Cointelegraph domain in a regional format.

Cointelegraph is extremely positive about the outlook for its international presence. Local editorial offices have already achieved considerable success, and we look forward to welcoming the best talent onto our diverse international team.

More information about Cointelegraph’s international franchises can be obtained by contacting our General Manager, Maria Jones, at mariajones@cointelegraph.com or informally via Facebook.

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