Cointelegraph is honored to be named a Media Partner of the inaugural Bitcoin Conference and Expo (BitFin 2014) on July 3-4. The two-day event, organized by Bitcoin Ireland, Whitepeak and Triple Zero Media, will take place in Dublin, Ireland at the Royal Dublin Society, with social events planned throughout the city. The conference will feature guest speakers and social events focusing on payments, peer-to-peer digital currencies, and how digital money will shape the future of finance, corporate strategy, and public and economic policies. 

Bitfin founder Fergal Murray notes “Bitcoin is moving from experiment to legitimate currency and payment system, but that’s just the first act. It’s also a protocol that can transform the way people and corporations track information and assets.” Featured speakers will cover a broad range of topics regarding decentralized currencies, including opportunities and risks for financial institutions, corporations, and citizens. 
Cointelegraph will have journalists present at the conference bringing you interviews and up-to-date coverage of the events. Complete information on events, speakers and venues can be found at