The first major Bitcoin conference in the Great Northwest kicks off later this season in Seattle, Washington, and as an official media partner, Cointelegraph is excited to announce a reader exclusive. 

Bitcoin4biz Payment Summit will take place over two days on 28 and 29 September with a specific focus on how businesses can benefit from the latest blockchain innovations. Experts from various areas of the community will also be discussing technical advances of Bitcoin 2.0 and others, and the implications these developments hold for businesses looking to expand into cryptocurrency acceptance. The official press release stated today: 

“The sessions will explore innovative alternative cryptocurrency opportunities including practical applications in business from Susan Hitch, CFO of D Hotels and Edward Clements with BitBrew.” 

The summit may be a little way off, but its timing is cunning, culminating the day prior to the largest digital retailer technology event,, in downtown Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center. 

As such, businesses will have the opportunity to attend the event pre-loaded with in-depth knowledge of what is booked to be the major disruptive trend in retail over the coming years. 

The summit itself will feature some household names in Bitcoin including Roger Ver, Bitpay’s Tony Gallippi, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and Bitcoin Foundation General Counsel Patrick Murck, among others. These speakers will join CEO Jonathan Johnson III, who will open the event with a joint panel on Bitcoin 2.0 and blockchain innovations. 

“It’s emblematic of the character of the bitcoin community’s open source attitude that they are sharing their success with the bitcoin technologists and business leaders,” said T. Steel Rose, editor of event co-sponsor CPA Magazine. 

Explaining the choice of Johnson as headline speaker, Rose added, “ experienced a significant first-mover advantage by adopting bitcoin as a payment alternative.” 

Cointelegraph is proud to be an official media partner for a visionary look into the future of business integration with Bitcoin, and can announce that our readers can get 10% off registration by entering the code ‘TELE’ at checkout. More information can be found by logging on to the official website here.