Cointelegraph is very excited to announce its media partnership with a cryptocurrency household name,

The resource, which lists the market cap and price of almost every coin on the market, has already proven itself to be one of a kind since its beginnings a little over a year ago. Now, Cointelegraph and CoinMarketCap will together bring you even more up-to-the-minute informative news on the value of the digital currency market.

“Cointelegraph has a unique style and a great approach to news reporting.  We wanted to join their fast growing network,” CoinMarketCap founder Gliss Ando commented on the decision.

Since its inception, CoinMarketCap has built up an impressive reputation. Not only is the resource the ‘go-to’ for live figures for many of the industry’s experts and leading news publications, it registers an average 30,000 visits per day, ranking it in the top 6k worldwide and top 3.5k in the US according to

“Building the Media Group has proven very productive for both us and our partners' sites so far. But with the new addition of we expect to get this thing to a whole new level,” Cointelegraph’s Chief Editor Andrew Marshall said announcing the news.

“The resource so universally popular and effective at delivering coins' stats to everyone in the community is a gem of its own, and its audience will be a huge addition to our existing cohort of fellow websites.”

CoinMarketCap becomes the latest prestigious resource to join the rapidly-growing Cointelegraph Media Group. The partnership currently consists of Cointelegraph,,,, and, and is designed with the long-term goal of bringing readers closer to the raw events in the industry as they unfold; the ultimate interactive media tool.

“We cherish the opportunity to invest in Coinmarketcap’s further development and are excited about what will come next,” Marshall adds.

Cointelegraph is always looking for feedback from readers, and if you have any comments or would just like to give your view on the Media Group resource, simply leave a comment at the foot of this article.

A great new deal for Businesses

The partnership comes as Cointelegraph completely revamps its partnership offering, simplifying price structures and offering packages individually tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

Take advantage of three essential price levels and ‘tweak’ them to provide the best solution for your resource. The complete Cointelegraph Media Group, consisting of,,, and is at your disposal.

If you would like to know more about what Cointelegraph can offer your business, simply get in touch with our sales department at or take a look at our information page for all the details.

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