Dear readers 

We are delighted announce what is a rather significant event for us. Today, February 11, CT is celebrating one year since it was founded. As part of the celebrations, we’ve got a whole host of surprises in store, including:

- Our First Anniversary Auction;

- The first First Birthday contest.

… And An Epic Tale of the Story of Cryptocurrency.

Episode One

After the Big Bang, the universe was in chaos where everything down to the smallest particle was under the influence of a mysterious force known as Dark Matter. But with time, the emergence of counterbalancing force known as light brought about life, e-commerce, travel and finance as the Dark Matter’s grip on all activity began to weaken.

Then the Great Satoshi created a new star system called Bitcoin, which was minuscule at first. Nevertheless, many saw its design as promising and the interstellar network began to attract new stars, moons and planets.

The Great Satoshi also amassed many friends and Jedi luminaries who became his loyal supporters. Among these were Solo Aaron Swartz, BTC-3PO Gavin Andresen, Luc Moss Karlbricht, Yoda Rodger Ver, Han Antonopoulos and True Van Infonobi.

Meanwhile, the Dark Matter was determined to regain its power. It managed to trick one of the Jedis onto its side: Luc Moss Karlbricht, who started calling himself the Darth Trader.  Heeding the advice of Fiatpatine, he created the Gox Road Star… and Fiatpatine’s plan to retake control of the universe. But first, he must crush the Satoshi rebels to become emperor of the Bitcoin galaxy.

The galaxy founders immediately rose up to defend it.  The first to challenge Fiatpatine was Aaron, who unfortunately did not possess enough power, skill and experience to withstand the attack and was vanquished.

But Aaron’s defeat stirred up the other Jedis. And soon enough, The Great Satoshi himself decided it was time to face Fiatpatine. Avoiding his great strike, he managed to push him back and damage Darth Trader. The battle was won, but both sides knew that the war was only beginning.

Anticipating Dark Matter’s attack, The Great Satoshi decided to create a new information galaxy, which would protect the Satoshi realm. The princess of this new galaxy became the enchanting Maria Jones while the “Key of Truth” was presented by Satoshi to his youngest and most promising Jedi, True Van Infonobi.  

For his honesty and pursuit of truth, True Van Infonobi was bestowed the title of CT-CoinTrueMan.

And this is how the story of the information galaxy began. CoinTrueMan knew that there is only one weapon against lies or Dark Matter – truth. His opinion was seen as a pillar of credibility as many even started to emulate and spread light to the darkest parts of the galaxy.

But CoinTrueMan realized that he could not fight the enemy by himself; Dark Matter was simply too powerful and would stop at nothing to destroy the information galaxy. Thankfully, several loyal friends decided to join CoinTrueMan. The first of these was

As word spread, many more heeded the call and also joined in the fight against Dark Matter including,,

But the enemy never sleeps. Fiatpatine’s right hand Darth Trader managed to successfully permeate the galaxy’s security force-field with his Gox Road Star, putting Satoshi and CoinTrueMan’s creation at tremendous risk. Nonetheless, due to their incredible collaborative efforts, the heroes managed to stop the spread of evil.

Today, thanks to CoinTrueMan and his friends, the galaxy once again exists in a state of peace and harmony, while network growth ensures that its citizens are better protected than ever. Now they can work on revolutionary projects and are drawing up plans to improve their lives. As for the Gox Road Star, it is no more, and Darth Trader is holed up in Tokyo working as a conveyor belt sushi sous-chef.

“This is just a sneak peak into what happened in the CT galaxy this past year. Keep reading to find out what will happen in episode two.”