Dear readers 

We are delighted announce what is a rather significant event for us. Today, February 11, CT is celebrating one year since it was founded. As part of the celebrations, we’ve got a whole host of surprises in store, including:

- Our First Birthday contest;

- An epic tale of the story of cryptocurrency: CoinTrueMan vs. Dark Matter.

On the galaxy’s one year anniversary, CT-Man is offering you the chance to attach your name to Bitcoin history with a special offer: an auction starting from just 1BTC.

The lot includes:

  • 9 banners for the month;
  • Video;
  • Business catalog;
  • Media plan to promote the service;
  • Creative activity;
  • Anniversary comics during the year in the About Us section;
  • special CT background branding for one birthday week;
  • Special avatars for all company employees (no more than 10).

Bets can be placed in increments of 0.1BTC.

We're looking forward to seeing what you like and receiving your bets - simply post everything in the comments below.

The promotion runs for 96 hours from the moment of publication. 

Who will write themselves into cryptocommunity history?

An Epic Tale of the Story of Cryptocurrency: CoinTrueMan vs. Dark Matter

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