Dear readers

We are delighted announce what is a rather significant event for us. Today, February 11, CT is celebrating one year since it was founded. As part of the celebrations, we’ve got a whole host of surprises in store, including:

- Our First Anniversary Auction;

- An epic tale of the story of cryptocurrency: CoinTrueMan vs. Dark Matter;

To take part in our contest, share this article via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + or Reddit and includethe following line: “Cointelegraph is celebrating its one year anniversary.” Be sure to shoot an email to with a link to your share (re: CT Birthday). The five companies which have gathered the most likes and reposts/ retweets/ upvotesetc. by the end of the auction (the likes are calculated collectively for each company if the article is shared on several social networks) will be placed in our Business Catalog for free with no expiry date.

An Epic Tale of the Story of Cryptocurrency: CoinTrueMan vs. Dark Matter