Back in December’s boom days, Cointelegraph rounded up a few ways newly minted Bitcoin millionaires could blow their wealth. Now that Bitcoin’s lunar trajectory is back on track, it’s time to start dreaming about what we’ll all do with our fortunes. 

Enter Yacht Base, a Croatian yacht charter company that just re-launched its website and integrated Bitcoin payment processing with BitPay. 
Yacht Base Marketing Manager Aleksandar Dakovic said that Bitcoin is a natural fit in the yacht charter industry. 
“When people pay by bank transfer to Yacht Base, they have to wait sometimes a week to confirm booking, and sometimes there are problems because money gets lost along the way,” he said. “Money travels through five to six banks before it gets to us.” 
“And if they pay with credit cards, we are charged up to 5%. If our clients pay with Bitcoin, transfer is immediate, and almost with no fees.” 
Bitcoin integration was Dakovic’s idea, and he said it was an easy sell within the company. 

Croatian tourism 

Not to lean on too many Bitcoin clichés here, but this is actually good news for … Croatia’s Ministry of Tourism, which plans to invest 7 billion EUR through 2020 to make the country an even more attractive tourist destination.  
Croatia is the most recent entrant into the European Union. It borders two Eurozone countries, Italy and Slovenia, but tourists coming from anywhere still have to trade their cash for the local currency, the Kuna. 
Any merchants in Croatia who accept Bitcoin could save their customers money just on currency exchange. 
“For international purchases, Bitcoins are especially convenient,” the company said in a statement. “There are no currency exchanges to make, transaction fees are extremely low compared to bank transfer and credit card fees, and the customer can retain an unparalleled degree of anonymity.”