Trading cryptocurrencies is not an easy undertaking with many technical indicators, market changes, external factors and a constantly changing ecosystem in a way. So it’s no wonder many investors have trouble navigating this space. However, while strategy plays a significant role in the outcome of a trade, it is only one of the factors that lead to long-lived success.

In selecting the cryptocurrency exchange, users will look at such factors as liquidity, functionality for derivatives trading and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, security, reputation and the prevalence of automated features. With so many considerations on the table, it becomes crucial for any trader to evaluate their platform of choice before getting started carefully. Otherwise, they may find themselves in a position where assets need to be moved suddenly or multiple platforms need to be managed. has since emerged as a one-stop-shop trading service that leverages institutional-grade security and reliability. The exchange has become known for its diversity in altcoin offerings and DeFi products. 

Marie Tatibouet, the CMO at, reflects on the previous year by stating,

"2021 has been monumental for With our user base growing faster than ever before, the team stepped up its game big time with many new products. The team is now extremely motivated to make 2022 a memorable year as well."

A play for liquidity has become the sixth-largest cryptocurrency futures exchange in the world, the company shares. The platform's futures center provides key functionality, including perpetual contracts, quantitative strategies and contract delivery contracts.

With diverse functionality already at play, the team's solution has reached a significant achievement in terms of liquidity. Users can expect that any plans to purchase, sell or exchange their holdings are met with adequate volume to complete the transaction.

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At the peak, the company's futures exchange reached a trading volume of $7.1 billion. This growth has been demonstrated in the future exchange's ranking, which advanced nine spots from where it previously sat in fifteenth place. 

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Overall the exchange maintains a daily trading volume of $2 billion in the spot trading market and $3.3 billion in the derivatives trading market. 

Token and coin listings

Alongside's achievement in trading volume was a peak in the number of coins and tokens listed on their spot exchange. The amount, which is now reported to be over 1,300, has positioned the platform as having the largest selection of tradeable crypto assets in the world.

Reaching this metric was a product of the last year in which hundreds of assets were added, with nearly 200 listings in the previous month.

Provision of ETF products

In September of 2021, the team behind crossed $100 million in leveraged exchange-traded fund (ETF) products. This spike in users is attributed to the platform’s ability to provide fully automated contract transactions with adjustment mechanisms.

At the time of writing, was offering three times and five times leveraged ETFs, portfolio ETFs and reverse leveraged ETFs, all of which could be used without paying a margin, reducing the barriers to entry for investors.

Strategic partnerships

Among notable developments is a partnership with Pyth Network, which provides users with real-time cryptocurrency price data. Additionally, providing a low-cost blockchain has also been an attraction for nonfungible token (NFT) projects, including BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Apes avatars.

Looking beyond 2022

The team continues to boast a total user base of over 10 million, an accomplishment likened to maintaining an eight-year track record that has held to their principles of integrity, security and transparency.

Entering the new year, the team explores new technologies that can further enhance the end-user experience. Accompanying innovation, the company’s dedication to integrity is met with high security standards in their continued compliance with regulations to ensure users are never faced with the effects of market manipulation. 

The team goes on to share that they are not resting on their laurels and will continue to grow their spot and derivatives market, expand their initial exchange offerings (IEO), including Startup, and initial NFT offerings (INOs).

Consequently, has proven its place in the market for a mature crowd, interested in developed financial instruments and ease of use in conducting standard buys, sells and trades of the world's top coins in an ecosystem set for constant innovation for a diverse user base.

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