Crypto hedge funds that make up Eurekahedge's index of crypto hedge funds have experienced a 21.15% return in January 2020.  

Eurekahedge Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund Index

2017 vibes?

This is not only the best January on record (the Index goes back to July 2013) but the first positive return for the month of January since 2017, when it posted a modest 4.85%. 2017 happened to be the most successful year for crypto hedge funds to date. That year, they posted a whopping 1,708.50% annual return.

Market sentiment

The Index doesn’t include all crypto hedge funds, but still, it is indicative of the overall market sentiment and seems to closely correspond to the market. Good results for the funds should make fundraising easier for fund managers and lead to more investments in the space. 

Times have changed since 2017 when one could generate copious returns by throwing darts at the board. Since then, crypto funds have either evolved to become “smart money” or have perished. 

The fact that the Index has posted such positive returns last month is a sign of the maturation of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.