Bitcoin is being embraced by all kinds of people and musicians are not falling behind. Now the guitarists can pay for their instrument, new gear or lessons with the most popular cryptocurrency of our time from the Guitar Control.

The company have been providing the guitarists of all types and level of play for nearly 10 years. Many of their products are custom made or if speak about the lessons, recorded by the firm’s staff. The president of the company, Claude Johnson tells that they are always trying to keep themselves up to speed with the new trends in tech.

Especially this time as it in Johnson’s words “makes sense for both merchants and consumers”. He also adds that they are excited as now their user base can be expanded by the members of the cryptocmmunity.

Although the “makes sense” part is usually what these decisions are all about. The lower transaction fees are one of the most important reasons for sellers to become Bitcoin-friendly. That’s why Bitcoin has been spreading like a wildfire recently. Of course another cause for merchants to accept Bitcoin as payment is the trend status of the cryptocurrency. If one has the ability to ride the wave of fame, then why not use it as well?

However, the greatest kick gave the, a large US retailer. After that happened, a lot of shops started embracing digital coins. Even though the stock price of Overstock went down a little, the number of orders paid with Bitcoin was not disappointing.

Anyway, if you are a newbie guitarist or a diehard musician already and you’ve got a wallet with some Bitcoins, you have an online shop to browse: