Czech capital city Prague confirms its position as one of the most important Bitcoin hubs in Europe. The local leading payment gateway has just announced that they’ve hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon and offer more than 2000 merchants to accept digital currency now in co-operation with another rising Czech bitcoin start-up, BitcoinPay.

GoPay's manager for customer service support Roman Valenta told to Cointelegraph:

"We always try to add new payment methods to our payment gateway and that's the reason why we chose Bitcoin currency. We experience wider interest about this payment method, not just one particular segment of merchants. They prefer bigger comfort when realizing payments."

It’s faster, easier and global. The difference between an old banking technology and a superior technology is also in fees according to Alireza Beikverdi, the co-founder of P2P mobile payment application Bitholla: "While some services charge you 2% + euro cents per transaction, bitcoin has only a mining fee for miners who verify transactions globally and each transaction has around 0.05 USD fee".

"Czech bitcoin market and community is very active and bitcoin adoption is quite big in the country so this is surely a great step forward. As Gopay is a payments gateway they are adding a great additional payment option for their existing merchant clients," comments Jure Pirc, president of Bitcoin Association in Slovenia.

Getting bitcoins in Czech republic according to him is very easy with more than 9 BTM’s, in addition to more than 8000 lottery terminals and postal offices as bitcoin purchase points so getting bitcoins there is easy and with Gopay accepting them, people will have new places to spend them.