Changpeng Zhao (CZ) resigned from his position as CTO at OKCoin after a 9-month exercise period, citing differences.

Zhao told Cointelegraph:

"It’s really just a difference in direction. The differences became more apparent in the past couple of months, and we had a lot of discussions, but decided it was best to part ways."

OKCoin suggested that a few employees with solid backgrounds at tech giants such as Alibaba and Baidu, would suit for the position.

OKCoin CTO Resigns

Bitcoin ATM Shuts Down in Vermont

Vermont's first and only Bitcoin ATM had been ordered to close by the state regulators.

According to the Department of Financial Regulation, the company had been operating the cash machine without a money transmitter license.

The Bitcoin ATM operators could be subject to an administrative penalty over US$75,000, according to Vermont Public Radio.

Bitreserve Adds Swiss Franc and Three Commodities

Bitreserve, a service that allows customers to use the Bitcoin network and the advantages that entails while holding value in a variety of currencies and other assets, announced it had added an additional fiat currency, Swiss Franc, as well as three commodities: silver, platinum and palladium.

Bitreserve Adds Swiss Franc and Three Commodities

Netagio Shuts Down Bitcoin Exchange

UK-based startup Netagio, announced a new restructuring plan. The company will refocus its core business on wealth storage, and is shutting down its BTC, USD, GBP and EUR exchange.

CEO Simon Hamblin, stated:

"We are immensely proud of our efforts and achievements to date while facing the reality of a stagnating market place in Europe, in an environment of regulatory and political uncertainty facing Bitcoin businesses.

As experienced Board representatives we recognize when industry winds blow in other directions and it is time to review and restructure."

Users are asked to withdraw their funds before March 16.

Netagio Shuts Down Bitcoin Exchange

Ericsson Shows Support for Cryptocurrencies

In a new report, electronics and technology giant Ericsson, voiced support for cryptocurrencies and shared its insights on how blockchain can change the future of financial services and corporate enterprises.

The document reads:

"As a result, these solutions can create not just a new financial system but can also trigger entirely new forms of corporate enterprises.

Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to disrupt not just financial services but a significant majority of social and governance practices as well."

Ericsson Shows Support for Cryptocurrencies

Amazon Smile Embraces Bitcoin

Purse, Chain and the BitGive Foundation, had partnered up to allow Amazon shoppers to receive discount and donate to charity at the same time on the Amazon Smile platform.

When Purse shoppers enable the feature, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the total order price to the charitable organization and Chain will match the donation to the BitGive Foundation.

BtGive Foundation executive Connie Gallippi stated:

"This new partnership is an innovative and exemplary advancement that will propel the social impact of the bitcoin community forward. We are very excited to have a way for customers to give back to charity through this new platform."

Coinimal Adds New Instant Payment Options

Coinimal, an Austrian digital currency exchange, announced it had added Giropay to its instant payment options, enabling users to purchase cryptocurrencies "in two minutes."

Along with Giropay, Coinimal had also integrated Sofort, EPS, SEPA, and Online Bank Transfers. The startup is currently offering a 5 Euro voucher for fully verified accounts to test out its services.

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