Their Indiegogo campaign, launched at the end of October, is less than $9,000 short of the project’s goal of $50,000.

The Dark Wallet promotional video says the $50,000 will support four months of development. This will include the development of privacy and security features plus a distributed identity protocol that will obscure user identities. The administration of funds will be “publicly accountable,” according to the funding page.

Involved in Dark Wallet’s creation are developer Amir Taaki, Bitcoin Magainze editor in chief Mihai Alisie, and Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson.

Dark Wallet comes amid record high rates for Bitcoin and increasing interest among investors, governments and consumers. Dark Wallet’s creators argue that the regulation and mainstreaming of the digital currency go against the ideas of privacy under which Bitcoin was originally developed.

“Nation states harass their governed populations with parades of open lies, and dedicate their time to the modern statist paradigm: developing emergency powers and containing the growth of new technologies,” reads the funding page.

Dark Wallet is presented as a way to reclaim such privacy.

“Bitcoin is what they fear it is,” says the promotional video. “A way to leave, to forbid, to make a choice.”