The digital currency Dash will be holding it’s own dedicated conference in London on September 24. The event is organized by Keynote, the same company that put together the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami and the World Blockchain Forum, among several others.

Dash Core Team CEO Ryan Taylor has promised major announcements will be made and important business partnerships will be revealed at this one day event. The conference will be held at The Oval Space in London.

Dash’s timing is convenient, because the World Blockchain Forum begins the following day at the same venue.

Around 350 participants are expected at the event. Ryan Taylor will be a keynote speaker, as will Founder and Strategy Advisor Evan Duffield.

The event will feature panel sessions on hot topics such as development of the upcoming Evolution upgrade, a Dash debit card, and the newly-announced Dash Labs.

The unsexy currency

Dash raised a few eyebrows this past weekend as the price per token suddenly spiked from $225 to $360 on high trading volume. Since then, the price has settled into the $280 - $300 range. Dash is one of the older top ten altcoins, created in January 2014 by Evan Duffield. Its name was originally Xcoin, then changed to Darkcoin, and finally to Dash.

Chief Editor Joel Valenzuela of Dash Force News, a media outlet completely funded by the Dash blockchain, said:

“In a field driven by hype around the latest and greatest tech, Dash's main offering, a simple and cheap decentralized payment system, is kind of "boring" today. To put it bluntly, Dash is likely not going to be the darling of tech conferences obsessed over the newest intricate creation.”

Indeed, the current hype cycle seems more concerned with smart contracts and ICOs than with a staid old-fashioned payment network. Yet Valenzuela adds:

“Evolution will seek to bring a smooth, user-friendly, ‘even your grandmother can figure it out’ experience to cryptocurrency. Evolution will bring the PayPal-like experience with all the censorship resistance and power over your own funds that cryptocurrency die-hards have come to know and love.”

Dash boasts the first two-tier network in cryptocurrency, with the network divided between ordinary users and miners (tier 1) and masternodes (tier 2). These masternodes provide the advanced features of Dash, including PrivateSend, InstantSend, and Dash’s self-funded “Decentralized Governance by Blockchain” system.