José Delbo, a comic book artist who has drawn for both DC and Marvel, kicks off a week-long exhibition today (July 23) in the Ethereum-based virtual reality world, Decentraland.

The artist, who started his career at the age of 16, is known for drawing Wonder Woman for DC Comics and Transformers for Marvel. He is releasing a number of digital images in the VR world for viewing and sale at the in-game MakersPlace gallery, with proof of ownership recorded using blockchain technology.

Artist José Delbo with Batman

Artist José Delbo with Batman. Source: Decentraland

Cointelegraph visited the gallery earlier today, as anyone can log into the virtual environment with just the click of a button. Though the crowds were sparse, a number of online users stood transfixed in front of the artist’s work, listening to his own words describe the pieces. The virtual gallery isn’t exceptionally large, so users are able to see the whole exhibition in a short time.

Perhaps the most topical artwork on display was a drawing of Superman punching the coronavirus while wearing a mask, “The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind.” Other pieces feature Batman, Wonder Woman, and a work on the “Certainty of Death.” 

Users can bid on Delbo’s pieces using Ethereum (ETH) or fiat.

Art moving to the digital world

As many galleries and exhibitions worldwide are still closed or at reduced capacity due to the threat imposed by COVID-19, virtual worlds like Decentraland offer an intriguing alternative. The VR world guests can enjoy some of the in-game offerings like a SpaceX launch and sporting events.

Decentraland raised $1 million during its initial coin offering in 2017. Users can purchase virtual parcels of land with MANA, the platform’s native token.