Swiss blockchain foundation, DECENT has recently announced the date of their long-awaited ICO which will be on September 10, 2016.

Announced in a blog post, the DECENT Foundation will be selling DECENT tokens (DCT) which are used for publishing, buying, selling and sharing content on the blockchain-based platform. This ICO will be raising funds for future releases of DECENT, operations and maintenance.

As the crowdsale progresses, the volume of DCT in the sale will slowly decrease, thus raising the value of each DCT. This means that early participants will get DCT at a lower price with bonuses for the first week.

Thus, raising its value as time progresses. Tokens will be deposited into participants’ accounts after the launch of DECENT Network..

DECENT ICO Bounties Campaign

While the Software Sale begins on September 10, the foundation started its ICO Bounties campaign on August 3 to raise interest in the media platform. A total of 1 million DCT has already been reserved for participants who promote DECENT and the campaign will last from August 3 to the last day of the Software Sale.

Campaign rewards will be counted based on “stakes” which are earned primarily by showing support for DECENT. Such as being a follower on DECENT’s Twitter page will give you 1 stake and as you become a long-term follower, you can earn more stake in the DCT reserved. Same rule for Facebook and the newsletter.

In order to earn a stake, DECENT has released 3 options: Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Bitcointalk Signature. In total, 700,000 DCT will be awarded pre-ICO and the other 300,000 will be rewarded post-ICO.

What is DECENT?

DECENT is a blockchain-based media network. Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, DECENT allows users to buy, sell and share digital content such as text, music, videos, etc. Without any restrictions, DECENT has the ability to provide secure, cost-effective ways to deliver content.

The platform works by allowing users to upload and share content across the blockchain. On the network, they can set their own price and payments go directly to their blockchain addresses. All without the need for a third party.

The DECENT principles state:

“Readers can buy content directly from the authors while developers are free to build own apps on top of the protocol and monetize them as they wish. All without paying any hidden fees to middlemen.”

The DECENT project is made up of 3 branches which are essential to the creation and operations of the DECENT Network: DECENT Foundation (development), DECENT Core Ltd (consulting) and DECENT Services (initial operations).

In addition to the ability for users to share digital content, DECENT plans to have a full appstore according to their roadmap for developers to post their DECENT apps. Without middlemen to regulate, monetization will lead to greater profitability.