With the realisation that successful content creators can be massive influencers for brands and hidden agendas, a lot of these former freethinkers have been bought out by big money to serve a corporate agenda.

The Commodity Ad Network is looking to keep free thought free, and to allow these influential content creators to stick to their principles while being funded by the right type of advertisers.

Through Blockchain technology and a digital currency called the CDX token, the Commodity Ad Network believes it can pair up advertisers with no agenda to content creators aiming to push the envelope with no hindrance or direction from those with the money.

An issue of alternative content creators

Bloggers, YouTubers, writers and Vloggers have become incredibly important influencers in modern times as their voice is a trusted and normalised one for the general public to follow.

However, the power they wield has been identified by those with enough money to help content creators grow. As with anything in life, money makes the world go round, and these creators need funding.

This has led to many content creators breaking with their principles and becoming tools of corporations, businesses and even governments.

Thus the need for alternative content creators has arisen: people who cannot be bought for any agenda, but who still need to be paid.

Decentralized payment

Digital currency and its decentralised nature seems to fit perfectly as a payment method for the new alternative content creators, and it is with this form of money that the Commodity Ad Network hopes to fund a decentralised pool of content creators.

The company is looking to set up a safe haven for content creators and a disruptive ad network called the Commodity Ad Network with the goal of pairing up niche advertisers with niche content creators.

Transparent, trustless, efficient

The Commodity Ad Network has chosen digital currencies in their first stage to be the fuel to fund these alternative content creators who would be more accustomed to being de-funded for forging on with their free thinking.

The fact that digital currencies are transparent, trustless and efficient fits in very well with the needs of these alternative content creators as they look to survive off the funding of the small advertisers willing to be a part of their content.

The network that the Commodity Ad Network hopes to build will be strong enough to ensure the survival of the free thinkers.


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