The basic design of sports stadiums has not changed for centuries – a game in the center with stands surrounding it. Deloitte believes that with changes in customer preferences, the sports industry is moving towards a new model in which technology, including Bitcoin, will play an important role.

Changing Customer Experience

Traditionally, the best seats at the stadium were the ones that offered a ringside view of the sports action. However, stadiums are changing to engage visitors by using technology and encouraging them to shape their own experience. Strong technology foundation can revolutionize the fan service in stadiums and transform their experience.

Technology at Work

Use of technology to transform customer experience makes extremely good business sense. The Minnesota Vikings have a stadium app which will guide fans to empty parking spots and provide traffic alerts.

Disney World uses 'Magic Bands' which store all information from hotel room keys to ride information. This is used by Disney to tailor visitors' experiences based on preferences selected and any past purchases.

Bitcoin Can Play a Role

Deloitte believes that Bitcoin can play a key role in creating a game within a game system, where fans can bet on game events. Bitcoin can also be the currency of choice in micro-transactions for various purchases within stadiums. Third party developers could build new services using the stadium's technology infrastructure and using the Blockchain.

Sports and Bitcoin

The association between sports and Bitcoin is not new – online gambling (including sports betting) was one of the first Bitcoin applications to take off. In 2014, Bitpay was one of the sponsors of the St. Petersburg Bowl, giving the Bitcoin community the opportunity to buy sought- after tickets. With increasing use of technology in all aspects of life, we can expect Bitcoin to have a more prominent role in our experience at sports stadiums.