A developer who claimed Ethereum was a stolen intellectual property and has filed a complaint with the FBI, has yet another plan of action up his sleeve.

Jared Mimms is planning an ICO for his Providence project to win his case against Ethereum. He also accused the founders of Ethereum of lying over the recently completed hard fork.

“With enough support,” he noted via email, “the ICO will pressurise Vitalik to license. It will raise money for the lawsuit in an international court.” He added:

“Under JOBS Title III we can raise $1 million on ICO. That is enough to fulfill our stated intentions. We first need an investment under Regulation D to pay the $2,700 gateway portal fee.”

Mimms had earlier told Cointelegraph in an email that Ethereum is intellectual property stolen from him. But Tim Swanson, the author of the Great Chain of Numbers (2014), has denied it is true. Swanson, who had described Mimms as the inventor of Peercover, the first contract client, tweets that Mimms has a history of making such unsubstantiated claims.

ETH hardfork “malfeasance”

“The hard fork ruined the integrity of the project,” Mimms says.

“Ethereum will have to pay royalties. Vitalik Buterin will have to pay personally. He took notarized intellectual property directly off a Skype forum, claimed to the media that Peercover would be on the Ethereum protocol, and blocked Peercover's fundraising efforts.The founders of Ethereum lied. Developers will be legally accountable for their actions. I will say that not only is the project wrong, but the hard fork is a grievous and glaring malfeasance. The founders of Ethereum lied about the support for the fork and decided to bail themselves out. Ethereum is a project run by a false celebrity succumbing to the tyranny of hype.”

He added that as far as confirmation goes, if Buterin does not pay, they will both meet in court. On what will happen if it is confirmed that Ethereum is his intellectual property, he said:

“Ethereum founders who profited on the initial issuance of ether to themselves will have to pay Omega Genomics in USD.”

The ICO and a case vs. US government

In its announcement, Mimms stated that the properties of Peercover and Providence are still viable. It says Providence holds $20 million in cases and the Peercover patent is alive and well.

It also says:

“The source of our problems lied in our forced adherence to SEC rules limiting our first fundraise to under $10,000. Now the rules have changed and we can raise a bigger round so we may convert our legal capital to cash, relaunch Pledger Club, and finish Pier Exchange. I want to fund Providence on legal alone, needing an investment to try cases with a team of attorneys.

My friend and I hold the intellectual property on script submission and server runtime, property that Ethereum did not license. This property is held by Omega Genomics LLC (USPTO 61757149). The whole idea now is to win the case against Ethereum and use the funds to buy out Peercover for Providence Incorporated, an incorporation the State of California blocked on false grounds. We also have cases prepared against the United States government for false indenturement. Pledger Club and Pier Exchange went down when I was indentured by a government program.”