“Gold investors have always been pioneers in commodity investing and we want to make sure they can trade between Gold and Bitcoin within minutes and without the need for additional fees or middlemen” – Taariq Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO

DigitalTangible in a partnership with dealer Amagi Metals, who recently made headlines with their announcement to eventually stop accepting USD as payment for precious metals, are introducing a marketplace that will allow investors to exchange bitcoins for gold in real time. It brings to the marketplace its patent-pending Proof of Custody transparent delivery and gold custody system. This initiative seeks to use the Bitcoin Blockchain to provide a low cost system for Precious Metal dealers and experienced traders to instantly swap Gold’s Volatility for that of Bitcoin’s.

In practice it would work as follows; an investor or someone looking to put on a hedge would purchase Precious Metals from DigitalTangible’s catalog at premiums as low as 1.87% for a 1-ounce physical gold coin. There is always the option of simply having these gold coin delivered straight to the door, but for the first time, the investor will be able to assign their precious purchase a public address.  This public address, along with the private key that controls it, will allow the investor to transfer their gold holdings to a partnered exchange where they can participate in trading some or all of the physical Precious Metal for bitcoins. This innovative marketplace, allows those that are not fond of Fiat Currency to alternate between holding on to their savings in Gold vs. Bitcoin with the ability to take physical delivery of their Precious Metals at any time or even to sell the custodied gold for cash.

DigitalTangible and Amagi gold products also qualify for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), which could mean greater exposure to Bitcoins United States retirement investors and advisors who may be looking for alternative ways to acquire gold investments cheaply. For a limited time and to encourage new investors, DigitalTangible is offering all customers free overnight shipping with discounts on all Amagi 1-ounce gold products.

“No one wants to work with a third party anymore...Bitcoin is making that sentiment even stronger. This new style of wealth preservation is catching on and DigitalTangible will help lead the way.” – Stephen Macaskill, CEO of Amagi Metals