Disruption Downunder! The DisruptoCon Conference Comes To Sydney

DisruptoCon is a 2-day event (April 28-29) which will take place is Sydney. Over the two days, the leaders of Australia’s and the world’s disruptive ecosystem will present their strategies, visions and thoughts on how to stay agile, innovative, and succeed in the age of disruption. 

There are three main sectors which the will conference target: bitcoin and blockchain technology, financial technology and healthcare. The event will feature unique case studies from large corporations regarding their internal startup strategies, and sessions from the experts who have been hired to set them up.

There will be presentations from VC’s and the investment community, which will focus on where they are investing and what they are finding to be the most disruptive technologies. The companies themselves that are disrupting traditional business models will also be presenting.

Those in the Bitcoin space who will be presenting at the conference include:

  • Steve Waterhouse, Principal, Pantera Capital
  • Shawn Wilkinson, Founder, Storj
  • Frank Schull, Founder, Safello
  • Jeremy Lam, Founder, Vennd.io
  • Jeremy Glaros, Founder, CoinArch
  • Niki Scevak, Blackbird Ventures
  • Rui Rodrigues, TankStream Ventures
  • Reuben Bramanathan, Digital Currency Lawyer, Adroit Lawyers
  • Omar Todd, Wikileaks Party National Council Member
  • Chris Mountford, Software Engineer, Atlassian
  • Kim Heras, Co-Founder, 25fifteen

An Interview With Founder Jonny Peters

Cointelegraph: What is DisruptoCon (theme) and why did you start it?

Jonny Peters: With DisruptoCon I’m trying to create the world's leading Disruptive Technology showcase. This might sound a bit like I've got stars in my eyes owing to the level of co