Well, looks like Londoners are serious about Bitcoin. If even such a traditional for England thing as a gin distillery goes Bit, then any other merchant will join the party soon.

That is the message that The London Distillery Company (TLDC) wants to send to fellow merchants. As the CEO of the joint, Daren Rook says:

“We are looking at our neighbours to say ‘We can accept bitcoin; maybe you should look at it too because we’ll have people coming through.’ Our plan is to iron out the issues that we’ll potentially have and then go to everyone and say this is the opportunity.”


The chosen platform is BitPay, nothing non-trivial here; there is a catch though, as the checkout service has only approve TLDC for $100 a day in Bit transactions. However, as you’ll understand it won’t be a problem for long. Just at the end of the next week TLDC hopes to move the cap higher.

According to Rook they even had a customer from US, who wanted to buy a cask worth thousand pounds, but due to the reason described, he was unsuccessful

Anyway, the success of adding Bitcoin to a list of available payment was amazing; Rook confessed that he has never anticipated this instant interest in the digital coins; the number of people, making Bitcoin orders made him rethink his previous idea of how many customers are willing to pay in virtual cash.

A few days ago we wrote about an ATM being installed in one of the Ireland pubs so it seems like the Bitcoin fever is starting in the misty Albion and there is no doubt that soon we will hear something from UK.