Dogecoin’s fans are as avid as ever following the currency’s recent market-leading upturn, but one man is showing his support in a way which seems to have captured a wider audience like never before.

Erik Barnum’s decision to paddle the length of the Ohio River in promotion of Dogecoin, living only off tips, has already resulted in receipt of more than US$100,000 in charity donations.

- Ohio River basin

Starting from Pittsburgh August 11, Barnum, who quit his job as a manager in order to complete his DOGEhio River Challenge, has already completed around 600 miles, with another 385 remaining as of yesterday.

“The ultimate goal of this journey is to raise awareness for Dogecoin, to showcase the power of the Dogecoin community and to display to the world the incredible value behind Dogecoin,” Barnum explained in a video posted to YouTube prior to commencing the challenge.

If his words sound like too much of a shibism for you, it may be worth taking paws for thought. The steadfastness of the community in the case of DOGE has been often demonstrated, but even following a long and drawn-out price decline, the currency remains the darling of the altcoin world, something which is demonstrated more tangibly than with any other.

Combined with recent business promotion of Dogecoin, the community seems to be becoming more vocal on the subject its inherent credentials.

According to local news publication Wave 3, Barnum’s first month’s travelling has been “a long, strange trip,” but he remains positive.

“We meet a lot of cool people all the time,” he commented, adding that the unforeseen circumstances along the way, such as raccoons stealing supplies bought with tips, had only fueled his enthusiasm.

In light of DOGE’s recent return to fortune, commentators have been quick to temper the fervor among the lay community. Cryptocoinsnews highlighted last week that “Dogecoin can mitigate the perils of inflation by attracting new investors, but to some extent inflation will hurt the long-term prospects of the Dogecoin price.”

Nevertheless, with its market cap up from US$10.5million to US$17.5million this month alone, focus must surely turn to the real potential hidden in the currency’s seemingly irresistible cult appeal and smart, if somewhat circumstantial, marketing prowess.

As for Barnum’s future, he already has plans to continue travelling down the Mississippi River, he told Wave 3, adding on YouTube that the challenge could turn into “something much, much more” depending upon the support received.

Barnum’s self-shot documentaries of the challenge along with his other material can be viewed here, and his blog here.

Donations in dogecoins can be made to the following wallet: DDFUiL3W31HN1qBKYVLzn8HrRHooChQk9Z

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