Dogecoin exchange founder and convicted rapist Ryan Kennedy lands in fresh hot soup over the theft of Bitcoins, money laundering and fraud.

British police have released a statement saying that Ryan Kennedy has been taken into custody.

Kennedy is the founder of the now shuttered Moolah Dogecoin exchange, which he had started under the name of Alex Green.

During his stint as Green, Ryan Kennedy became infamous for giving away or tipping generous amounts of Dogecoins to complete strangers. He was also known for sponsoring a NASCAR driver.

Charged with fraud

According to a statement by the Somerset Constabulary, Ryan Kennedy has been charged with offenses under the Fraud Act of 2006 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. The police say that the alleged offences took place in a period between January to December 2014. The police in a statement describing the nature of the offenses said,

“This included the theft of Bitcoins to a value in excess of £1 mln, that were then spent on a luxury lifestyle.”

Ryan Kennedy has been investigated by the Economic Crime Team Investigators from Avon and Somerset’s Complex Crime Team for three years.

Convicted rapist

It should be noted that Ryan Kennedy is already serving an 11-year prison term after he was convicted of raping three women over a seven year period according to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, Kennedy faced 14 charges, including 11 rapes but after a two-week trial he was acquitted of three counts and eight were left to lie on file. The prosecutor for the case Fiona Elder told the Daily Mail,

“These rapes took place within the context of what was described as controlling, abusive and manipulative relationships.”