Dogecoin Delighted by Speed and Racing Sponsoring Josh Wise

It is unnecessary to mention that Dogecoin is a virtual currency very similar to Bitcoin, based on the same principles and the image of a Shiba Inu dog that got very popular on the web and has become a meme. Everyone definitely knows these basics, but we suppose that not everyone has noticed the passion for racing.

Just remember the recent Olympic Games in Sochi. The Jamaican bobsled team has prepared for the competition, went through qualification races, raised funds, but someone has lost their equipment just before the competition. Dogecoin has founded the team and finally they have started on the highest level. Now the developers got interested in NASCAR racing.


Josh Wise from NASCAR

The NASCAR pilots work carefully on the technical aspects of their vehicles, physical form and other pledges of success. Josh Wise is one of them, and he belongs to the sponsorless Phil Parsons Racing No. 98 Chevrolet SS team.

The Reddit users have noticed this small fault and decided to find a solution for the problem. First of all, they have started a project on the fundraising platform to support the driver in Sprint Cup Series. The goal is 55 000 dollars, but the 64 contributors have provided only 2339 dollars on the moment of writing. It is not a big problem as the thread will be open for 72 more days.

The logical reward for Dogecoin is the image on the body of the car. The idea has come to Denis Pavel, one of the most active users of the virtual asset. He said:

“Now there are millions of people watching NASCAR every week. There are two major races that are very exciting and people are digging to watch. The track name? Talladega. It is known for its big one and it's exciting. Now imagine a Doge. A Doge that is going 200 MPH into victory lane. Anyone can win Dega. Underfunded or not, for example last year’s race where David Regan and the underfunded team brought home the win. Now imagine on TV. DOGE DOGE DOGE DOGE DOGE every time he talks about his car. "This Doge Ford Fusion is fast today." Every time they talk about the car.”

Josh Wise has already approved the information on Twitter and his texts prove his excitement on the idea.


Goldcoin Rush

As Dogecoin moves on extraordinary high speeds of promotion, the Goldcoin users have presented the solution to the 51% problem once addressed by Satoshi Nakamoto. The problem is crucial for the most cryptographic assets and the result might be adopted by other developers for similar currencies.


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