Jamaica had overcome its 12-year drought in Olympic bobsledding, finally qualified, and raised the money needed to get to Sochi. Team #CoolRunnings was in business.

Then, someone lost their equipment.

Their luggage, the runners for the sled and their sliding gear were all lost in transit.

As a result, the team was unable to make its practice run Wednesday. And 46-year-old Winston Watts, who came out of retirement to compete in these games, was stuck with only his track suit to wear until the rest of his clothes go to Sochi.

That wasn’t the team’s only travel headache. Watts and teammate Marvin Dixon missed their connection to Moscow when bad weather held up air traffic in New York.

Frustrated as Team Jamaica was, they at least had a backup plan to borrow gear from other teams.

But that wasn’t necessary. Late Wednesday night, the @JamaicaBobsled Twitter account sent out good news: “The Jamaica Bobsled Team has received all their equipment in russian and the bobsled team is Good to Go ! #CoolRunnings”

Training was slated to begin bright and early Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Watts was feeling positive when he spoke to Fox Sports:

"There's no such word to explain how I felt being here. The atmosphere, the fans, the friends. It's pretty exciting. We are the most lovingest people, so every moment is always positive. We always keep smiling. That is our motto."