GPU mining has enjoyed a bit of a Renaissance with the rising popularity of altcoins such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, whose mining difficulty does not require those arms-race mega machines people use to mine Bitcoin these days.

To accommodate the niche community of GPU miners, a company called Red Harbinger has launched an IndieGOGO campaign for their product, DopaMINE, a durable and good-looking case for computers dedicated entirely to mining.

“Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many others have been in the headlines for what seems like an eternity now — but surprisingly not a single reputable PC case company has come to the table with dedicated cases that have been optimized and tailored for mining — and those few ‘cases’ (mostly cobbled together using a complex and confusing series of metal rods) that do exist are extremely expensive for what you receive, difficult to assemble, and the majority of them are a complete eyesore,” the campaign page reads.

What’s more, DopaMINE cases are stackable. If you need to expand your mining operation from six GPUs to, say, 36, DopaMINE lets you assemble a decent-looking stack. That’s important if you run a mining operation out of your apartment and ever expect to have company come over.

At the time of writing, DopaMINE is about 70% backed with more than a month left in the campaign. Supporters can order units in white and black right now for $229, until those sell out. For $4,999, you can also get your hands on a fully decked-out DopaMINE with GPUs already installed. That means you can take it home, plug it in and start mining coins immediately.