This year’s the biggest e-commerce forum ECOM21 2015 in Latvia has allocated great attention to Bitcoin and Blockchain development in the Baltic states. The conference gathered 500 attendees and 39 speakers from 32 countries.

Experts stressed the idea that Blockchain technology can penetrate deeper into e-commerce. Well-recognized figure within the Scandinavian e-commerce industry, founding partner of Alvaldi Consulting, and Chairman of Steering Commitee at Hyper Island, Sïmon Saneback, commented exclusively to Cointelegraph:

“There was a big portion of the conference that was dedicated to Bitcoin which was fantastic to see and quite odd to me to experience in an e-commerce conference.

I've learned some interesting aspects of the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin that I wasn't aware of before ECOM21.”

ECOM21 2015 ended on the 20th of November in Riga, Latvia. This is the 4th edition of the conference, organized by the Business Conference Group. Themes included traditional e-commerce forms of payments, e-wallets, P2P lending, stores in social networks, regulation and development of alternative banking, how mobile payment systems are affecting the industry and of course Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Chairman of Steering Commitee at Hyper Island, Sïmon Saneback,

Saneback continued:

“I was thinking of investing in Bitcoin a couple of years ago when the trend was hot, but ended up not doing it due to instability at that point in time.”

Addressing the seven points in the development of e-commerce, Saneback added:

“There is no e-commerce, m-commerce, social commerce, in-store commerce, etc.: for consumers it's all just commerce. 

Consumers care not only about money, but also time and energy.

Mobile revolution has started but many online companies are still not mobile-friendly.

Mobile devices stand for over half of traffic to European e-commerce sites.

Mobile web is growing 8x faster than desktop web did in the 1990s.

3x more smartphones activated every minute than there are babies being born.

Be where your customer is.”