Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about the recent feud between Jamie Dimon, head man at JP Morgan Chase, and the cryptocurrency world. Dimon’s vitriolic comments regarding Bitcoin went viral last month, as he called the cryptocurrency a ‘fraud’ and threatened to fire anyone caught trading it.

While the crypto sphere lit up with comments and reports (including a report that on the same day, JP Morgan actually bought the dip), one company turned the tables on Dimon with a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. According to Eidoo, one of the newest and most flexible exchanges on the market, even if Jamie fires you, at least you can still trade crypto.

New angles on everything

Undoubtedly, the Eidoo ad will generate huge commentary among crypto enthusiasts. However, the move highlights the company’s willingness to think outside the box. A recent statistic shows that the exchange’s app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in the last week alone. Apparently thinking outside the box is appealing to consumers.

The exchange offers some unique services that others don’t. For example, the Eidoo wallet allows users to hold not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but all ERC20 tokens, allowing its customers the ability to maintain their portfolios within a single application.

Secondly, Eidoo is developing a hybrid exchange that allows users to exchange ETH directly for other ERC20 tokens through an application, without the complexities of most legacy exchanges. This, coupled with the forthcoming Bitcoin hybrid exchange, indicates the company’s willingness to create new and meaningful systems to service their customers.

Third, the company has fully embraced the ICO concept, allowing users to participate in initial coin offerings through its ICO Engine platform, also within the application. This allows for a smooth interface for ICO participation and provides a user-friendly interface for less tech-savvy consumers.

Finally, Eidoo allows its users access to their own private keys. This feature is not available on many wallets, but Eidoo is allowing full autonomous control to its customers, embracing the original ‘Satoshi’ vision of cryptocurrency and decentralization.

Compare and contrast

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a short infographic of what makes Eidoo such a flexible exchange and wallet platform. Not only will consumers have far greater choice, they will be able to do so all from a centralized and user friendly platform.

What Sets Eidoo Apart

If the Wall Street Journal ad from Eidoo is a litmus test of the company's creativity and ingenuity, Eidoo has a promising future ahead. Consumers want choice, and Eidoo offers it in the most simple and direct way possible. Even Jamie Dimon would have to agree.

The Eidoo ICO is still live, for those contributors interested in taking part in this groundbreaking platform. However, with the token sale ending on Oct. 16, interested parties should move quickly. Eidoo accepts ETH tokens, and token sale information can be found here.


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