EmerCoin has made recent news with its big-name partnerships with Microsoft and First Bitcoin Capital. Now, Emercoin is working OpenLedger to make its first step into real-world trading.

For those who are not familiar with OpenLedger, it is a decentralized trading platform for everything ranging from crypto-currencies to physical goods. For example, OpenLedger users can create their own currency (UIA), collateralize a coin by making it an MPA (Market Pegged Asset) by linking its value directly with a physical good (e.g. gold, silver), and deploy their own blockchains within the framework of OpenLedger.

Oleg Khovayko, CTO of EmerCoin told Cointelegraph:

"We are pleased that EmerCoin technologies are recognized and used in the business, and this recognition goes far beyond the cluster of cryptocurrencies.

We believe that our technologies is in high demanded, and their popularity will continue to grow -together with the EmerCoin popularity."

Additionally, OpenLedger is also examining possible integrations between EmerCoin and BitShares. The OpenLedger team hinted that EmerCoin could possibly be used a security mechanism for BitShares as its EMC SSL solution is well aligned with the BitShares’ focus on user protection.

In the micropayments segment, EmerCoin has successfully been integrated into the 7Pay and can be used by users to pay for mobile telephony services, condominium fees, and even top-up their public transportation cards. Perhaps the most unusual fact is that 7Pay is a Russian payments service – a country with a rather hostile position toward cryptocurrencies!