First Bitcoin Capital Corp (BITCF) has become the next ally after Microsoft (MSFT) to the Emercoin International Development Group. The companies have signed a series of evaluation agreements with the goal of promoting Emercoin’s blockchain based products to businesses and individuals.

Emercoin’s technology portfolio includes the following products which either improve existing technology solutions or tackle new challenges in the industry:

EMC/SSH: Secure shell management tools built on a symbiosis of the proven framework of SSH and enhanced with blockchain based features.

EMC/DNS: An extension of the domain name system, peering with OpenNIC.

EMC/SSL: An enhancement of the existing client-server certificate SSL authentication method.

EMC/TTS: Blockchain-based timestamping service

EMC/DPO: Digital proof of ownership solution.

EMC/LNX: Decentralized pay-per-click advertising network.

Info/Card: Secure electronic card often used in conjecture with with the EMC/SSL technology

MAGNET: An innovative distributed tracker for file-sharing applications.

BITCF is also studying possible investment plans to help Emercoin’s market expansion and acceptance from the community and businesses. Cointelegraph has asked Oleg Khovayko, CTO of Emercoin, to tell us about his vision and expectations from this new relationship:

“This agreement is opening new ways to deliver our products and technologies to the enterprise.  Our unique products will be evaluated and tested by BITCF, and modified to match the needs of their business processes if required. We are expecting a seamless integration of our product line with BITCF’s current solutions as well as an excellent opportunity to showcase the power, scalability and robustness of our technology solutions.

We are confident that the collaboration between Emercoin and BITCF will be successful bringing mutual benefits to our businesses.”

– Oleg Khovayko

So far, Emercoin has been among the few companies to successfully promote technology applications by securing the support of commercial software companies to implement their solutions in their products. We are expecting to see more important events for the company this year.

Cointelegraph also sought the opinion of a bitcoin lawyer in Dmitry Machikhin from Cointelegraph Blockchain Legal. He responded by saying:

"According to its website, First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (BITCF) is the first vertically integrated consolidator in the Bitcoin and crypto-currency arena. It’s main goal is to create a vertically- integrated entity that will house different crypto-currency technologies and companies under one umbrella.

On the one hand, signing the agreement that is being considered in the text is very promising for the developers of Emercoin. First of all, it will help them to raise funds because of investment prospects having become higher. The international recognition of Emercoin is the reason why more and more people invest their money in this crypto-currency - they do trust in it. Secondly, the so-called alliance with First Bitcoin Capital Corp. can help both entities to get developed more rapidly, for example, by providing each other with new crypto-technologies.

However, the behavior of First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is unfortunately unpredictable. Nobody knows what the goal do the directors and shareholders of BITCF actually have. It would be quite naïve to think that they do charity by consolidating the most companies involved into crypto-currency business «under one umbrella». Consequently, it is worth predicting that BITCF are hunting for new crypto-technologies at the moment. It means that there are high risks for developers’ organizations to be merged and for the innovative ideas to be acquired by BITCF without giving any consideration - in other words - to get stolen. Under such circumstances it would be reasonable for Emercoin not to provide the new partners with all the information regarding to their developments and try to secure their intellectual property from all possible infringements using certain legal methods, for example, by filing for patents and getting papers which certify their exclusive rights to these developments."