SingularDTV has hired another Hollywood talent as Vice President of content, in the person of Jason Tyrrell. The hiring comes in the wake of the launch of SNGL's content acquisition department.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau revealed his outfit will be hiring more seasoned hands from Hollywood. These comments were made on the heels of Hollywood veteran Michael Blieden being brought on board as a consulting producer.

Jason Tyrrell has over ten years experience of content distribution in Hollywood. Previously, he was Director of Content for Vubiquity and has worked with over 650 leading independent producers, film studios, MCNs and television networks arranging opportunities that assisted in delivering premium content to more than 1,000 worldwide video wholesalers spanning over 109 mln households in beyond 120 countries.

"This brings to three the number of Hollywood hands engaged so far by the Ethereum-Based Entertainment Platform."

"Jason's mission at SingularDTV is to help us compete with the existing and established entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon by making the deals with publishers and creators to bring premium content to SingularDTV," LeBeau explained to Cointelegraph what necessitated another high-profile hiring.

The CEO deems that on paper, it sounds like a crazy statement, trying to compete with giants like Netflix and Amazon and perhaps a little crazy for saying it. But he believes Netflix and Amazon had the same aspirations many years ago and thought the same thing about disrupting Hollywood and the major studios.

What To Expect

He has therefore assured the entertainment world what to expect.

Lots of exciting developments, especially the roll-out of their rights management gateway in June and the decentralized distribution portal in November.

"I'm truly thrilled to join the SingularDTV team. Zach has put a bold vision in place, and the opportunity to contribute to crafting a platform that fulfills that vision is hugely inspiring," Jason Tyrrell told Cointelegraph.

Asked what the entertainment world and Blockchain community should expect from SNGL, as he is now in charge of content, Tyrrell answered:

"We're building a platform that will support creators and inspire consumers while providing a level of transparency, accountability and sustainability that's yet to be realized in traditional models. I've worked on the distribution of hundreds of films, and that experience will inform our platform's ability to provide creators with expansive control of the distribution of their content.”

He adds: “At the same time, as someone who spends his days thinking of new and innovative methods for reaching an audience, expect to see a carefully executed user experience. Our platform may well be one of the ways a mass audience first experiences the blockchain. The SingularDTV team will spend an awful lot of time on that user experience, and the result will be a platform capable of competing with the large, well-established entertainment portals."