SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau has indicated to Cointelegraph that they will hire more Hollywood experts to shape his company’s drive and future plans. Last week the crypto outfit hired Hollywood veteran Michael Blieden as a consulting producer. The writer/director/producer is to advise the company on its launching phase scheduled for the second quarter of this year.

The decentralized entertainment platform, which uses Ethereum, is set to launch its entertainment synthesis this year with the rights management gateway and a decentralized distribution portal in Q1 and Q2 respectively.

Hollywood and Blockchain

LeBeau told Cointelegraph that the move represents SingularDTV's commitment to bringing top talent from Hollywood into the Blockchain movement. When asked if the current trend of hiring top guns in the mainstream entertainment industry will continue, this was his response:

"We will be announcing more hires at this level in the coming weeks, and the public should expect more high profile hires for SingularDTV. In the long-term, SingularDTV is positioning itself to operate at the levels Netflix or Hulu operates at.”

“We will hire Hollywood and entertainment industry talents and professionals to help position us to be a major player in the international entertainment industry," he adds.

No intermediaries

SingularDTV believes the decision to hire more seasoned hands from the mainstream entertainment industry is a deliberate policy to promote Blockchain adoption in Hollywood. "We are finding a great demand from the entertainment industry for what we offer - no intermediaries and more transparency," LeBeau informed Cointelegraph.

Kim Jackson, who is SingularDTV's entertainment president, exemplifies her company's goal. She started at Disney, worked with Universal and for Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee, and has been the driving force behind several independent films.

Jackson says:

"SingularDTV will be launching innovative tools that will allow creators and industry alike to use and adopt blockchain technology, giving them total command and control over their creative content. The industry will be able to see how artists and content producers benefit directly from a decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange, giving them a direct connection with audiences, like never before."

Blieden's background

Blieden, who is a writer/director/producer, comes on board with a wide range of more than a decade experience in the creative industry. The University of Michigan alumnus recently directed the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll pilot plus the first season for FX.

He is credited with directing Broad City for Comedy Central, Sirens for the USA, Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Fox, Up All Night for NBC, Awkward and The Inbetweeners for MTV and Children's Hospital for Adult Swim.

Blieden also directed, co-wrote and starred in a pilot for the IFC called International Plan. In fact, it is on record that he directed all the short films and roll-ins for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and produced and directed live specials for comedian Zach Galifianakis and Joe Rogan. Moreso, some music videos for Fiona Apple and Kanye West are his handiwork as well.