The Ethereum Foundation has announced that over $3.8 million in grants will be awarded to teams working on the Ethereum blockchain.

In a Sept. 8 post published on the Ethereum Blog, the Ethereum Foundation, or EF, announced that it has given grants to teams as part of its ecosystem support program during Q2 2020. The categories included teams focusing on community and education, cryptography and zero-knowledge proof, or ZKP, developer experience, Ethereum 2.0, and Layer 2.

The $3,884,000 funds will go to 28 companies and researchers, including blockchain advisory firm Akomba Labs for community and education, and Beacon Fuzz for finding crash-causing and consensus bugs on Ethereum 2.0.

“This list represents non-recurring funding from across the EF, including grants via our public inquiry process, delegated domain allocations and third-party funding,” the EF blog stated. “As always, it’s a privilege to work with these amazing projects and so many more.”

The announcement comes a month after the EF stated it would be building a dedicated security team for Ethereum 2.0 to study any potential cybersecurity and crypto-economic issues in the next generation of the Ethereum network.