Thursday night Ethereum price surprisingly leapfrogged from the $70 column to $100 sending Ethereum fans and holders with smiles all the way to the crypto “bank” to check their balances.

With an impressive 22.75 percent jump, everything seems to be going well for them and their market cap is at $9 bln. Now, the overall crypto market cap has reached $40 bln.

The development means the smart contract pioneer has now overtaken the anon crypto, Dash, who has been in the $90 column for some time already. However, at the time of writing, Dash is being sold at over $100.

Ethereum vs Dash in Race for $100 Mark, Both Crossed Threshold

Dash has already made history by being the first altcoin to breach the $100 mark. With both being in the $100 lane at the time of filing this report, it is fascinating to imagine which of the two cryptos can hold on this position.

Even though Ethereum is currently slightly ahead, you cannot rear your head out in this industry when it comes to prices and market cap prediction. A few pundits have been noted to be successful at this.

Force behind Ethereum

Ethereum Charts

After rupturing the $50 mark, Ethereum price has made an upward adjustment of almost 80 percent. Many experts in the crypto ecosystem are confident Ether is burgeoning as a result of a possible ETF approval, whilst others are speculating that more institutional investors are now getting involved.

Moreso, there is another school of thought which holds that the decision to reconsider the denied Bitcoin ETF in March is also influencing the swelling of the second most valuable cryptocurrency. Whatever the case may be, it is all good for the landscape as critics and skeptics of the industry continue to be shamed.

Dash can make it

Dash Charts

On the other hand, there is one factor that is likely to push Dash towards the $100 range as well, come what may. The privacy-centric digital outfit has been given another significant boost by being listed by Coinapult this week.

The integration will allow fiat purchase of Dash globally without a third party. As a matter of fact, the latest partnership is very quintessential since Coinapult is well positioned.

Anyway, the battle between Ether and Dash to reach and keep the $100 position is so exciting and invigorating for the entire crypto community. Regardless of whoever gets there first, it will expand the frontiers for all.