Dash’s latest partnership sees it link up with Coinapult to provide regulated buying and selling with fiat currency.

Announced on Wednesday, a Dash wallet will now become standard when a Coinapult account is created.

"The broker and wallet provider’s own partnership with Crypto Capital provides the missing link to regulated fiat-based Dash purchasing, the company having obtained the relevant money transmitter licenses allowing it to operate worldwide."

“This integration is massive for current and future Dash users because they really solve the question on how to buy and sell Dash in an easy and safe way using fiat,” Dash’s Vice President of Business Development Daniel Diaz commented.

“...Rather than wiring funds to a third-party exchange directly, you are in control of all the accounts involved in the wire transfer process.”

The move is the latest in a long line of partnerships from Dash, which have seen the asset debut on exchanges and expand its presence for use as a day-to-day currency.

Its price, market cap and trading volume increases have frequently made the headlines this year, yet volatility remains a noticeable issue.

Coinapult meanwhile, having operated for several years in the exchange market, has seen the use of its own services multiply in recent times. According to the release, its user base has expanded 300 percent in the past 18 months.

The company’s partnership with Crypto Capital in 2015 allowed it to continue running in the US, having run up against a regulatory deadlock which saw it temporarily suspend its services to US residents.