Three separate partnerships this week are seeing Dash further integrate itself as a currency for everyday payments.

Gift card operator BitCart, payments gateway CryptoWoo and Venezuelan exchange Cryptobuyer have all added the altcoin to their books.

“One of the most important things we need to do to help cryptocurrency adoption grow is to give potential users a strong reason to overcome the technical hurdles and start using digital currencies every day,” CEO Daniel Diaz said in a press release Wednesday.

BitCart offers gift certificates for Amazon with a 20 percent discount for paying with Bitcoin and will shortly begin working with to add similar functionality.

“Offering a 20 percent discount on Amazon purchases is a powerful incentive for new users to try Dash out, learn about it and most importantly and start realizing its benefits,” Diaz added.

This week saw rival Bitcoin gift card business Gyft receive scorn on social media for initially refusing to refund a customer who was banned from Amazon for using what the website described as “invalid” gift certificates.

“Dash allows our merchant platform to completely eliminate the chance of chargebacks and it opens up more options to anyone in the world,” BitCart CEO Graham De Barra added.

Dash will also become the fourth currency merchants can accept using CryptoWoo’s plugin, alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Its entry into the Venezuelan exchange market meanwhile appears to be a direct challenge to Bitcoin, the country’s interest in cryptocurrency spiking as its national currency devalues further and further.

The press release even suggests Dash would become “a viable alternative to the Bolivar.”