In a chat with Cointelegraph, Matthias Klees, a founding member of LocalCrypto and a former advisor in Brussels, revealed that LocalCrypto’s recently released platform is the first step in advancing real-world cryptocurrency adoption.

The group is geared towards a sophisticated geolocation system, teamed up with high-end search-engine connectivity. Their focus is on fostering and establishing a local cryptocurrency economy, like your local grocery store.

Klees says:

"You can list your cryptocurrency accepting business or announce to exchange Bitcoin or altcoins in the old fashioned way for people who don't like to engage in online trading for free. This will provide the ability to find out about the businesses and the crypto community around you. You can get in touch with customers and find crypto accepting shops/services and like-minded people in your region. We’d like to make it easy for everybody to know who is around and who to engage with."

The mindset for cryptocurrency mass adoption

To differentiate from other organizations currently promoting cryptocurrency adoption, LocalCrypto is prioritizing local activities and the integration of cryptocurrency into everyday life.

"We are regionalists because modern connected regionalism is the most natural form of social decentralization. We need to make decentralization a concept of how we think, how we feel and how we deal with our environment, to create the mindset for cryptocurrency mass adoption," Klees says.

In the next three months, the group will be launching a payment gateway, together with a point-of-sales tablet PC system and a hardware device collection, supporting first Bitcoin, EuropeCoin, BitSend as well as others in the future. LocalCrypto holds the view that at a stage where most payment providers have a hard time reaching out to the real world economy, their initiative makes a lot of sense.

According to Klees, everyone who gets involved in the initiative stands to benefit:

"We will continue building not only a one-stop address for all your crypto business needs but will give everybody the tools to spread the word about cryptocurrencies across every region and to get a fair share from the success we are building together. We are about to start a social driven, global grassroots consultant movement."

Europe will not survive in its current form

As a former advisor in Brussels, Matthias Klees believes Europe will not survive in its current form and, therefore, the cornerstone of LocalCrypto's efforts is to build a decentralized alternative for any aspect of society.

"In a decade I see a multicurrency landscape where borders between payment and the utility will blur. I hope to see a more decentralized society with many connected, autonomous and diverse islands of social concepts. This is what our team is dedicated to,” Klees claims.

There are a lot of people who are still skeptical about the future of cryptocurrencies. But the folks at LocalCrypto believe otherwise.

“I am absolutely sure it will. There is not even an economic crash needed to see this happen. Cryptocurrencies are working like gravity: Slow, but unstoppable," Klees concludes.