While the users of the bitcoin crypto currency system research the topic of the Silk Road funds now in the hands of the FBI and attack their wallet, new similar service approach and fill the network with their specials services and offers.

The community behind the bitcoins has long been searching for the FBI wallet where landed the 26000 bitcoins that earlier belonged to Ulbricht and Silk Road. The result was positive and the inbox of the wallet is crowded with joke, pranks and opinions from dozens of users all over the world and US especially. To send them people make small coin transfers to the address to be allowed to massage the owner of it.

Currently the FBI tries to prevent the sending of these massages with the help of the website blockchain.com. Still not only advertisements and offers enter their inbox. Jokes based on the TV-Series X Files make a separate and constant flow.

There are serious and adult comments after all, like the ones considering and describing the freedom and liberty, and protecting the democratically rights. Many people see this as a thread for the decentralization of the systems and its future dependence and loyalty to the US government.

Parallel to these debates several new resources try to exploit the idea of the Silk Road in an exaggerated manner. The leading example among them is the Black market Reloaded. Expert voice their opinions that closing a page and taking in custody the developer does not bring the overall community closer to the aim – reduction of criminal deals with bitcoins and other crypto currency on the Internet. New ideas, platforms and services will appear like mushrooms after the rain. One failure and a state proposed investigation is not a warning enough for this shadow market in general.

Currently the FBI is informed about several similar sites. One of the users has informed them via a coin transfer to their wallet. Another one that should be mentioned is Sheep Marketplace. The most dreadful thing is seen in the modification of the previous system proposed and used by the Silk Road – now all deals have three members. Seller, buyer and the arbiter. The positive decision of the last one allows to establish and successfully finish any of the deals. The choice of the arbiters is based on reputation, which can be found on many other more popular and legal resources. Other action considering the deal can be made via the TOR network to minimize the identification possibilities of every party engaged in the trade mechanism.

Returning to the FBI and their wallet is necessary to voice that the 26000 of bitcoins were held by Silk Road. Many more is still belonging to Ulbricht and stay on his personal and private wallets. Estimations say it might be over 600000 bitcoins. Going from the modern course between bitcoins and US dollars it might be close to 80 million of dollars. Still the keys for these wallets remain encrypted and unknown to the FBI.